Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am stuck
Right next to
A hard place
And you left
My rock
And the keys
That use to open
The doors to
Your heart
Don't work anymore
And I'm left
Silverstones don't glisten
Like your eyes
Use to
Both when
You smiled and cried
Lied in my arms
As I lost
Myself in your soul's windows
And the wind
Blows through
And caresses my curly tresses
That lie on
The tears in the fabric
Of your favorite dress
They curl more
From the wetness
I watch the MAC
Mascara race down
Your caramel face
Leaving footprints
In your cheek and neck
My lies follow
Trying to comfort
And sew together
The torn seam
Although it seems
This pattern
the intricate silhouette
And my actions
Are not as
Attractive as when you
First wore it

And I am no tailor

Monday, April 26, 2010


I write poems
On cumbersome trains
Sat between
Ailed divas
In now or later
Flavored spandex
And ugg boots
Lying ass niggas
In true religion jeans
That don't believe
In GOD enough
To respect
The strong women
They leave standing
Gripping germ infested poles
Their will
Their cane
To hold them up
I listen to
Our young female future
As she explains
Sexual innuendos
That were theories
Two days ago
Yesterday's facts
Her metrocard
Not even green and white yet
Yet she describes
Sucking dicks
Though exchanging the word
For lollipop
With HIS in front
Not too blunt
But the story
Has the same affect
This middle school whore
Keeps going
I'm praying
Not for her
But for this train
To quicken its pace
Someone please
Retrieve your young
From the clutches
Of negligent daycares
And parental non-communications
For I have seen
Many women
From their GOD promised
Due to relationships
Built on faulty foundations
But I can't
Save her
I only wish
That she learns
Her lesson
From the hands
Of time
When the clock strikes
And bruises
Her beautiful and
What seems ageless skin
Will these days
Leave scars
Remnant of absentee fathers
And nonchalant mothers?
Huh time?
Do you fucking hear me?

Message In A Bottle

I'm writing
I Love You's
With numb fingers
That grew cold
When held hands
Parted ways
Many a day ago
My self esteem is low
But like the waves
Of my hand goodbye
From the currents
Of pooled blood
Set free
Of a damned heart
That meet the shore
I'm sure
These feelings too
Will wash away

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chop Shop

We live in

Or should I say

I , selfishly

Live in a world

Where words

Will get you inside

The panties of counterfeit whores

Who draw Halos

With their fingers

Over their head

And as quickly

As their backs

Meet dirty bedroom sheets

Pulled to their chin

Ask you

Is this real?

What we have

I mean

And in your head

You’re thinking

Pfffff, damn right

But both heads


To the same conclusion

And if you want

The sexual intrusions

To continue

Much like you’d like

This conversation to end

You say


Not even thinking twice

Because lies

Which have become

Second nature to you

Is your first instinct

Until she says

I’m late

And now your mind

Once crowded

With swift fabrications

And no I didn’t mean it like that


Baby’s I don’t know her

And that bitch lying’s

Swear’s on my mother

Ask anybody’s,

Grows desolate

It’s far past plan B

And requiems

For countless unborn seeds

This shit is far

From a dream

Parked next to fetal nightmares

You respond

Not with words

But a

Blank stare

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gone Fishing

At around the same time

Every night, there is a meeting in my bedroom

Between two knees

That refuse to open

Reluctant though I beg and plead

But promise me

To part if I compromise

Who I am

Change like summer

To fall

In love all over again

In awe with perplexity

Do I defeat Monotony

Walk through the door that reads “Easy”

Tell those knees

Everything they’ve been yearning to hear

Or let this spring air

Vibrate my falsetto

Across my tongue

Through barb wired lips

As soft as nine clouds

Straight to her ears

Let my words take the hard way in

“I Will Change”

Whispered callously

My hands climbing her shins

Meet her knees

And they part

“I’ve Missed You”

They grow further apart

Like a love lost

From careless misplacement

Master Keys don’t exist

For both closed legs and closed hearts

Though I am Lord Of Written and Whispered Word

And they work the same

“I Love You”

And like childhood friends that move away

Never to be seen again

Her knees follow the same lead

My hand


In the crease where her legs meet her thighs

Same as my lips

How much more words

Must I use before here knees get wind of this

Do my lips

Between you legs

Feel differently


Your knees, and my hands

And my lips

And my diabolical plans

Can’t believe these words were enough

Did you catch the lies above?

Guess these words were enough

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Do you see the irony
In me saying that I never think
I always follow my heart
Where ever it decides to go
i stalk, waiting in love shadows
It's bitter sweet
That very decision
Because even with its intuition
And damn near Cupid accurate precision
My heart lacks the vision
My mind so persistently chases
I love indiscriminately
Hopelessly wishing my heart, like my mind
Had the patience
But who am I to get in its way
The nerve of me
When I barely speak
Up, when I fall
Sit back and watch
As it jumps again
I told it to watch out for ladies like you
But like love, so is its vision impaired

Friday, January 29, 2010

Is It?

Cupid's arrow tip
Losing the key to locked lips
A heavily guarded hart, the same key
Held hands and entangled fingers that won't let go
Not letting go, itself
Intrigued by the very sight of
Enticed eyes, the same
Beautiful butterflies above the waist
Anxious palms, moist
Walking down one's lips, turning the corners of their mouth up
Losing yourself without traveling anywhere
Finding the soul's counterpart
So deep IN it without being able to climb out
Stronger than any sexual lust
Helen Keller, Ray Charles, Governor Patterson trust
Having nothing left to give and having everything
A half empty glass that's half full
Your best-friend and better half
The drug that often does more harm than good
Serene lullaby sleep through sleepless nights
No appetite with famished hunger pains
The gain, that keeps growing
Listening genuinely
You hear me?
Words will never be able to express
The truth that lies... beneath your chest
No warranty but guaranteed
Un-... the conditional kind
Addiction, figuratively

Love, literally? is it?